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Watercolor & Watermedia Instruction:
Tips & Demos

by Ellen Fountain, N.W.S

Ellen Fountain

My goal for this section is to share with you some of my tips, demos and "tricks" for painting with watercolor and watermedia. These watercolor techniques aren't new–many contemporary painters have been using them for some time–but they become "new" to each watercolor artist who incorporates them into their own watercolor painting process and individual style. I'll give you insights on how I use these processes in my own work, and will be adding additional topics here as my schedule permits, so bookmark or add this site to your favorites list, and check back for more watercolor tips!

I have started a new stand-alone website,, and will be putting all new tips, watercolor lessons and exercises there. Everything relating to learning to paint with watercolor, including this tips on this page, and all of my teaching materials will be available there to download as PDF files, most at no cost. The new site is cloud based, and has a simple, clean interface for easy navigation. I hope you will check it out!

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Getting Started: Basic Watercolor Supplies
Basic Color Mixing (updated 7/2009)
Paint Qualities & Characteristics
Enlarging Your Sketches   
Creating Depth with Value Changes
Creating White Areas
Creating Dominance with Hue, Value & Intensity
Painting with a Limited Palette
Using Value Contrasts Effectively
Textural Effects for Watercolor
Exploring Sedimentary Pigments
Using Stencils with Watercolor
Spacial Emphasis in Reference Photos 
Choosing A Palette of Colors
Hard, Soft and "Lost" Edges in Watercolor
Practicing Your Brushwork
Making and Using Stamps
Abstracting from Nature
Glazing with Watercolor
Framing Made Simple

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